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Please review our troubleshooting support for simple pump fixes.
If you are still having trouble please contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT

Pump does not start or run

1. Make sure pump is plugged in. 
2. Check for blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers or tripped GFGI outlets. 
3. Check pump by bypassing the switch and plugging the pump directly into the outlet. If pump works, there is a problem with the switch. Replace the switch. 

4. Check for any obstructions in the impeller by removing intake screen and base.

Pump starts and stops too often

1. Check for backflow of water from discharge hose/pipe. Install or replace check valve. 
2. Check float switch for proper operation. Replace if necessary.

Pump will not shut off

1. Make sure switch drops to full down position. It may be obstructed. 
2. Check for obstructions in piping

Pump runs and moves little or no water

1. Check for air leaks in the suction lin. Make sure all pipe joints are air tight. 
2. Check for obstructions in suction and/or discharge lines. 
3. Make sure liquid supply is within pumping rage. (Up to 20' depth) 
4. Check impeller for signs of wear. Replace if necessary. 
5. Check pump housing for wear. Replace if necessary. 
6. Make sure check valve is installed in correct direction. 

The impeller shaft does not turn

1. Make sure the motor is rotating the same direction as the pump/impeller. 
2. If the pump is new, you may need to turn the impeller by hand to loosen. 
3. On new pumps, spray oil or other lubricant in the suction and discharge ports to loosen. 
4. Turn grease cups 1/2 to 1 turn to lubricate impeller shaft. 
5. Make sure you have a properly sized motor to operate the pump.

Warranty Support

For warranty consideration contact place of purchase or Superior Pump at 1-800-495-9278, 


• Please provide proof of purchase, model and serial number when inquiring about warranty support.

I've spent quite a few dollars replacing sump pumps in Home Depot, and Lowe's. I've replaced them some went up and some just couldn't handle the amount of water coming in. I began buying bigger pumps starting from a quarter horse all the way up to a 1.5 horse power pump thinking that this would solve my problem. Not until I brought this pump, it was a smaller horse power but it handles the head height pressure with no problem. An it was almost half the price of the ones I purchased at the big home improvement stores. I love this pump and I will continue to buy them for all my homes.

I will have had this pump 5 years in December, and it still runs like a champ. This pumps handles acidic water, alkaline water, muddy water and everything else. Before this Superior pump I was replacing those expensive big box home improvement store pumps every 1 to 2 years. This pump has far exceeded the life of those and even it's own. This year the float switch are rusted and snapped off. I made a new one from a galvanized aluminium, and I plan to keep it another 5 years. And if it doesn't last another 5 years, I'll ordering another one right here. Don't discontinue this one. This pump really is Superior!!!!

Kate Braxton

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